Does Your Business Have an App?

Andrew Scott 30 Aug , 2017 0 Comments App Companies

Did you know that about 86 percent of people’s time spent on a smartphone is in apps? If this many people are using apps then app development must be important. With this being said, does your business have an app? If you answered no, then about 86 percent of the people out there will never see what you have to offer. With more people on their smartphone and tablet and less people on their desktop computer could mean the end of your business if you are not putting your business out in the front where the people are. From mobile friendly websites to apps, your business better be growing with the times or it will be left behind without any customers. Mobile friendly, what’s that? According to an article, a mobile friendly website lets your website content be displayed on a smaller screen such as those from tablets and smartphones. Back in the good ole’ days, websites were created on desktop computers with the intention of being seen on a large monitor. Nowadays, websites are being designed with the intention of being seen on a small smartphone screen. Although it does not make much sense, this is just a sign of the times when it comes to the advancements in technology. According to a business article, if you want your business to grow than you need a mobile app as well as a mobile website.

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